AyiNa Beauty Supply is an online Black Owned Beauty Supply store aiming to provide all essential beauty, hair, and skincare needs across Canada. We focus on Montreal’s North Shore with special Local Delivery.  ABS’s mission is to provide fundamental hair care and beauty items, education & expertise in healthy hair care, coaching in healthy skin care, and professionalism to each and every customer ensuring a pleasurable beauty experience. 

The founder:


I am Soraya, a Black African woman of 40 years old, mother of 4 wonderful kids, a 17 years old son, a 13 years old daughter, and 4 years old twin daughters. I am also a loving and caring partner of a wonderful man.


Soraya is passionate about people and women advancement in any industry.

As a serial entrepreneur, she created AyiNa Beauty, Soraya Boss Coach, and Gestion Rafar Inc.; all three related to the things she is excited about: hair and skin care, coaching, and project management.


She absolutely loves offering excellent customer service.


Being an immigrant in Canada, I realized very fast that I cannot afford to take my 3 girls and myself to the hairstylist every month when my twins were born. Then, I decided to be the hairstylist for the girls. At least some kind of. Not knowing that I will need to travel from my house to Laval/Montreal every time I need hair products and with no experience, there were also no or very few guidance or suggestions from the store's attendants.
With the help of my 13 years old daughter, I decided to launch AyiNa Beauty on July 2nd, 2022.  Our goal is to come to the rescue of all the busy moms, women, and girls out there on the north shore of Montreal and across Canada. It’s now our family business!
Ayina Beauty is the Oasis where YOU can get your essential products and the advice, and guidance you need to care for your curly/kinky hair and when you are thirsty for:
Healthy Haircare, Hair Extensions, Wig, Accessories and of course Skincare.
Our vision is to become an avant-garde beauty supply retailer that innovates in the hair care and beauty experience in Canada.
We look forward to you becoming part of the AyiNa Beauty Family and servicing you online!